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 VWHO is a "C" level league with 5 teams with players who have played either at a higher level in the past (Youth, HS, College) or became a higher level player as an adult. 


VWHO plays ALL games at Cairns Arena in South Burlington, on Fridays and Saturdays evenings from September to April, usually between 6 and 9PM 

WHY is VWHO  We are a more skilled league with competitive play encouraged, but the main goal is always to have fun and keep ALL players safe as possible. 

VWHO teams have 3-minute warm up that begins when the official ice time begins, or when the Zamboni doors are closed, whichever is later. Games will consist of three periods. If there is a timekeeper, the first two periods will be 15-minute stop time. The third period will be run time, and its length will equal the amount of time remaining in the 75-minute ice session minus two minutes. The last two minutes of the third period will be stop time. If there is no timekeeper, all periods will be 22-minute run time. If a referee is willing to work the clock at the end of the game, the final two minutes can be stop time. 

All games must fit within the allotted ice time, so the third period may need to be shortened based on remaining time. There will be a one-minute break between each period. Each team is permitted one 60-second time-out per game. Penalties shall be 2 minutes for a minor infraction. VWHO has a zero-tolerance for fighting policy which means that a player who engages in on-ice fighting will be suspended for the remainder of the season. Rules of play not covered in the above paragraph will follow USA Hockey rules for adults.


Penalties are 2 minutes, and FIGHTING IS NOT ALLOWED. The refs get paid but not much so please be respectful even if they screw up a call or two. 

We are always looking for new players! So if you played in HS or College, picked the game up as an adult or if you or someone you know wants to get back on the ice. 


        REACH OUT HERE: ---> 

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